Versatility Of The Golden Spice Of India

Posted by Admin on April, 22, 2021

In India, spices play a dominant role in carving the country’s history and culture. These spices have been a part of trade since centuries because India holds sovereignty over the production and consumption of many Spices. One of these spices is Turmeric which has a yellow root which has tremendous culinary and medicinal benefits. Turmeric powder has an active compound called Curcumin which gives that pleasant yellow hue to various dishes. This bright saffron-yellow turmeric has a unique earthy taste with an essence of slight bitterness due to which it is considered as one of the most useful spices in Indian kitchens.

Multiple Uses of Turmeric Powder are as follows-

Used as skin care: Turmeric is a key ingredient in many skin care products as it can do wonders on skin by making it clean, smooth hydrated and gives radiant glow.

Used as Antibiotic medicine: From the ancient times, turmeric paste is applied on wounds, cuts, and burns, as it acts as an antiseptic and protects against infection. Turmeric with milk is widely consumed to fight against cold and for fast recovery.

Key Spice in many dishes: In India, Turmeric is an active ingredient in most of the dishes for everyday cooking which adds beautiful colour and aroma to curries and rice. Due to its numerous health benefits, it is widely consumed by the people.

With so many uses in daily life, this easily available incredible spice has an unbelievable list of properties which has numerous health benefits. It has a good amount of iron, vitamin C, zinc, magnesium, and potassium which has a high nutritional value.

Let’s check out why turmeric is called a boon to your health:

Gives relief in arthritis

Presence of Curcumin in turmeric powder has anti-inflammatory properties which makes it beneficial for arthritis. Consuming turmeric on a regular basis helps in relieving joint pains or aches.

Improves the process of digestion

Consuming raw turmeric helps in fighting common digestion problems such as bloating, gas, irregular bowel movements, etc. It helps in stimulating the gallbladder to make the digestion process work efficiently.

Strengthens the immunity
Turmeric powder has many medicinal properties such as anti-viral, antibacterial and antifungal which boost the body’s immune system and give you more resistance against microorganisms. Drinking Turmeric milk every day is the best medicine for treating cold and flu.

May prevents the cancer
Curcumin compounds play a key role in fighting against life-threatening cancer such as pancreatic, gastric, prostate, and breast cancer. It boosts the effects of chemotherapy which makes the overall cancer treatment more effective.

Organic turmeric powder wholesaler provides high quality turmeric with the following attributes :

• perfect colour
• authentic taste and earthy flavour
• fine packaging
• long shelf life

India is the largest producer of turmeric and along with that it consumes around 75% to 80% of the total production. This golden spice is highly used almost in every kitchen of Indian households due to its enormous uses and many health benefits. Hence, in order to suffice the sprouting demand, there are many turmeric powder wholesalers in India which are engaged in the supply of finest quality organic turmeric powder without any adulteration.

The popularity of turmeric powder wholesalers in India is due to the following reasons:

• They follow skilful manufacturing techniques and processes of sun drying of raw turmeric to get rid of the moisture.

• They follow strict quality checks in order to ensure pure quality turmeric powder.

• They have a wide distribution network and logistics facilities to make timely deliveries of bulk and urgent consignments.

• They offer finest quality turmeric powder at budget friendly prices.

Hence, it can be strongly stated that everyone should start consuming turmeric powder on a regular basis before turning to the medicines.

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